Our Maxim

With Tales of Zodiacs, we don't have any unrealistic roadmap, we don't make empty promises.
Metaverse, games, manga, they're all just cakes of the imagination, they're just steps, not goals, when the time comes we'll have to step up, we don't force it, but let it come naturally.
What really keeps users? What is the original meaning of decentralized, web3?
It is the solidarity of the majority, web3 is a place where freedom is for all, not for the few, where inner peace is valued more than material values, where everyone can help and share positive values for each other selflessly.
What's really important with us is community, we cannot make it without the help of community.
We're trying to create an organic community where different values are understood and respected, a really community-first project, not built by hype, but by sharing real vibes that can help people live better and happier lives, where Eastern's culture and Western's freedom of speech are fused.
It's not only about material values, but also spiritual values. We build for all, then all will merge into one, that's Unity in Diversity, that's our Maxim.