Chapter 4: Civilization

After a period of deep sleep lasting thousands of years, when the 12 holy beasts woke up, they discovered that they did not know when on the planet a new species had appeared completely different from the animals.
They are amazed at the rapid development of human beings, a small, weak but extremely intelligent species with amazing adaptability and learning ability, humans invent all kinds of magical tools, making them can be used by all humans, and especially this knowledge can be…
…passed on to the next generation, unlike the bloodline power of the holy beast. Realizing this could be an opportunity to save themselves as well as the herd from genocide, on one day all 12 beasts descended on human territory.
Humans first learned of the existence of 12 holy beasts was very surprised, because they are far from the animals that humans have ever fought, they have intelligence, strength and can communicate with thoughts.
12 holy beasts want to sign a soul contract with humans, the content of the contract is that each year in the human calendar will be called by the name of a holy beast, every 12 years is a cycle, in return, 12 holy beasts will give humans their power.
Depending on the birth year of the children belonging to the holy beasts, they will receive blessings and obtain corresponding powers, humans are also not allowed to invade the territories of the 12 holy beasts and kill any animals in the territories, whoever violates will…
…lose the blessing and power. Humans are still allowed to breed animals and domesticate them, as long as these animals have no intelligence.
Thanks to the contract with humans, the 12 holy beasts have been spared from genocide, they can continue to reproduce without fear of losing their lifespan. Humans, after having the power of holy beasts, used their creativity to expand their territories and explore new land.
The whole planet Alaya as well as human civilization flourished, all sentient beings entered a period of long peace, humans became the most numerous species on Alaya. This period is known as the Human Era.