Chapter 5:MA

In the far reaches of space, there is a giant moving entity, this entity is like a beast made of countless giant black holes, it devours the planets in its path, then from its body ejected meteors at lightning speed, many of which headed towards Alaya
Over a long distance, the first meteorite that fell on the Alaya destroyed a large area, from the meteorite, there was a black smoke emanating from it, having no fixed shape, they could not be destroyed.
Black smoke will automatically search for all conscious and living targets. Living creatures that touch this black smoke will immediately be infected by the black smoke and transform into a monster, if a plan is infected, it will wither and die, if animal or human is infected, the soul will be devoured by black smoke, the possessed body continued to search for flesh and living things to spread the contagion.
Disaster suddenly befalls all living creatures in Alaya. The meteors continued to fall on Alaya one after another, destroying countless lives, the creatures that were infiltrated by black smoke were called MA. They are almost immortal, even if their body get destroyed, the black smoke esapce from their body can immediately infect and take over the bodies of nearby beings. MA army is increasing day by day, in a short time has invaded most of the territory of humans and animals
Even 12 zodiacs cannot destroy the seemingly endless amount of black smoke on Alaya, which will also reduce the power and lifespan of them very quickly, only few human leaders can have the power to defend and seal black smoke into inanimate objects, but this is only a temporary scheme, if it is not possible to destroy the source of the black smoke, then all living things on Alaya will be extinct.
....Humans and 12 holy beasts of the same clan had now gathered to protect the last human castle.
Realizing that civilization had reached the stage of life and death, humans and zodiacs made a risky decision. Understanding that MA can only be avoided, 12 holy beast decided to combine all of their power to become a divine fetus, taking the spirit of all living things as the source to conceived a new world, temporarily isolated from the pollution of MA.
The spirits of all sentient beings will fuse into one, all the memories in Alaya will become phantasm, which were locked deeply in the subconscious. The spirits then have to go through endless reincarnations to find a way to defeat MA. Sentient beings put all of their hope in this world, so this world is called Dream