Chapter 6: Dream

In Dreams, due to the origin of the souls of beings in Alaya, the rules as well as the life forms are similar to Alaya. In this world people and creatures live together on a planet, called Dream-Earth.
Because most of the souls in Dreams come from humans, as well as because of human creativity and intelligence, in this world, humans have become the dominant species.
Because the zodiacs must use all their strength to protect the souls of sentient beings from the pollution of MA, all animals lose all their strength and become wild animals, without any wisdom.
Over a long period of reincarnation, the pollution of MA has gradually penetrated into the Dream, affecting the only intelligent creature: human.
Due to the pollution of MA, in this world people have a lot of greed and lust, they kill animals, even their own kind, just to satisfy their bottomless desires.
Over countless years, because of greed, humans have destroyed many of their own civilizations, they degraded, became extinct, then evolved from an animal and continued to build a new civilization. This cycle keeps repeating without end, forming samsara.