Chapter 7: Awakeners

Due to the constant rebirth in samsara, the souls of sentient beings through samsara have gradually developed resistance to MA, their souls gradually becoming stronger.
Because their souls have spent so many lives in desires, this also what causes them to still drift in samsara, in their subconscious, they always wanting to get rid of the control of desire.
These souls, at a certain point, when resistance to MA has reached its maximum, when MA can no longer contaminate them, their souls evolve and synchronize with the entire Dream, they are Dream and Dream is also them, they become Awakener, the first Awakener is called…
…Awakened One. Awakened One has found a method to help humans train resistance to the pollution of MA proactively.
This method is called Mindfulness, which helps train the soul to become extremely strong, when consummate can synchronize with the entire Dream and become an Awakener.
The souls of the awakener are so strong that they can see the entire store of memories deep in the minds of all sentient beings, thereby understanding the nature, cause and effect of the entire Dream and Alaya.
Awakeners know that they and all beings or the entire Dream are inherently one soul, due to the pollution of MA, discrimination is born, when there is discrimination, there is greed and selfishness, thereby create fighting, killing, plundering.
Awakeners not only master their own minds, but also become the owners of the entire Dream, nothing in the Dream can harm them, they have supernatural powers but do not use it for personal purposes, but using these powers to benefit all sentient beings.
They use the knowledge and skills accumulated from countless eons to clear up divisions, share the truth about the Dream with all mankind, guide and teach mankind to awaken, and help sentient beings liberate themselves from the samsara, this becomes their life purpose, and…
…it is also the goal of the entire Dream. It is only when all sentient beings are awakened that MA can be overcome.